Our purpose

To make our understanding of the real economy tangible, in order to leverage business opportunities

Our values
Creativity &
Our team

Our team is made up of over 70 multi-disciplinary, highly professional, seasoned experts and consultants, who are creative, committed and client-oriented.


Partner and President

Mariana Camino is a partner and the president of ABECEB.
She has been in charge of running the company for over 10 years, leading high-performance working teams and building its corporate culture. She is responsible for setting ABECEB’s strategic direction, guiding the implementation of the business plan in an integrated fashion, and managing critical projects.

Gonzalo is a partner and director of ABECEB. He specializes in business strategy and development, focusing on achieving results in complex, dynamic and multicultural environments. His areas of expertise include corporate strategy, business development and finance, with a focus on business valuations, transaction structures and M&A.

With over 25 years of experience in different businesses across Latin America, he served as CEO of Ipsos in South America, and has held various managerial and business development positions in multinational corporations. He is a Chartered Public Accountant and holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has also studied strategy and leadership at the University of Pennsylvania—the Wharton School, CCL (Center of Creative Leadership) and IAE, the business school of the Austral University.

Alberto Schuster

Associate Director

Soledad Pérez

Operations Director

Gustavo Pérego


Leopoldo Bibiloni


Lucía Fazzari

Client Experience and
Communications Manager