We help clients to strengthen their performance in the industry, in every link of the broad value chain by improving every aspect of the business.

We provide the experience of our team of specialists for the analysis of the agricultural and food value chain to drive the development of capabilities which sustain the transformations required by the industry.


We worked with a leading meat production and distribution center to develop a business plan which consisted of two stages:

1- Design and Development of Business Plan
• Assessment and understanding of the company’s strategy.
• Identification of value attributes and evaluation of improvement opportunities.
• Development of the Business Plan, company valuation and definition of transactional strategy.
• Development of an info-memo and other marketing material for the transaction.

2- Assistance in executing the transaction
• Identification of and contact with potential investors.
• Assistance in the process of selling the opportunity and dealing with investors during the due diligence process.
• Assistance in negotiating and coordinating with investors.
• Consultancy on the analysis of closing documents.