We help clients to strengthen their performance in the industry, in every link of the broad value chain by improving every aspect of the business.

We aid them in understanding current and potential market dynamics, risks and opportunities, from the design, development or restructuring of organizational strategy to the optimization of the supply chain.

The challenges faced by the automotive industry have never been more disruptive. They are related to competitiveness and global production, and are marked by technological trends which are transforming the mobility market: autonomous vehicles, alternative drive systems, safety and connectivity. This disruption comes from consumers themselves, who are more knowledgeable about technology and how it applies to vehicles, and therefore demand a different type of solutions including new and more innovative services.

Against this backdrop, companies are recognizing the need to set strategies for business development, improving productive competitiveness and commitment to innovation while focusing on growth and expansion—not just within the industry, but also service-wise.

Clients and Cases

We worked with one of the most important Argentinean association in the sector to build a strategic vision looking to 2030, identifying a set of opportunities and designing a public and private policy agenda. These opportunities were defined based on an understanding of global trends while also considering the specific circumstances of regional and local markets—in terms of ever-changing consumers and regulations, as well as how much room for maneuver Argentinean players (both traditional and new) have.

We worked on identifying key drivers for Argentina’s medium-sized cities to become smart cities by the year 2035, through a far-reaching approach which addressed aspects such as mobility, human development, competitiveness, environment and governance among others. To this end, it was vital to build a prospective scenario, understand the main trends in technology, assess local capabilities and learn from international benchmarking in order to design a future agenda and an action plan for public and private policies.