We help the major companies in the sector to understand the consumption habits of their clients, focusing on how they make decisions regarding financial services as well as the rationale behind those decisions and how and why they change over time, paying special attention to business profitability and sustainability.


Banks need to be swift and diligent to identify and secure the business generated in the current fast-changing environment. In this context, banks face the challenge of having to improve their business in an increasingly complex and fast-moving environment, while maintaining their internal robustness. Relying on the best information from their clients is fundamental to predict and understand consumption patterns with an aim to navigate these choppy waters.

We work with the main financial institutions to set new business models and develop long-term strategies for adjusting commercial models. We also support them in exploring new markets and associations.

Insurance Companies

In the midst of the digital revolution, insurance companies must focus on agility and customer focus. Our experts help insurance companies to develop and execute strategies which increase profitability and efficiency, harnessing digital capabilities to obtain a long-term competitive advantage.


We helped a company specializing in consumer credit, online credit and credit cards, which belongs to a French group, to analyze and outline the secured loan market in Argentina in terms of players, marketing methods and other key variables.

The study included a review of key data regarding the companies which offer secured loans, the main distributors, captive companies, banking entities, distribution models and market share.

Some of the key points assessed were:

· Identification of differentiating factors and best practices for automobile financing.
· Analysis of benchmarking indicators for local competitors (pricing, products, commissions, insurance products, offering and digital strategy among others).
· Problems, risks and challenges for the industry in Argentina.