We help the companies that make up each link of the value chain to tackle the challenges presented by the business models of a dynamic market which is undergoing a profound transformation.

In Argentina, the energy sector is experiencing a process of deep transformation due to the huge growth in renewable energies and the boom of unconventional fuels at Vaca Muerta. Faced with this profound transformation in the sector, the operating businesses, as well as the goods and service providers, must adapt their business model with the objective of achieving greater efficiency in resource usage.

We draw on far-reaching knowledge and experience, and on our economic understanding of the sector to collaborate in the development of the right strategy to obtain a lasting competitive advantage, allowing us to maximize the value of existing reserves until the implementation of the latest innovations in fossil fuels and alternative energy sources.


We worked with one of Argentina’s major energy companies—engaged in the exploration, exploitation, distillation, distribution and production of electricity, oil and gas— on the design and implementation of a provider development program. We did this through competitive mapping, which allowed us to identify the structure and size of the chain and the businesses which make it up, the factors affecting their competitiveness, and the chances of increasing the participation of local providers or improving their competitiveness.

We worked with a company specializing in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons on the strategic analysis of the sector with the aim of helping that particular company as well as the hydrocarbon sector in general, to establish a position grounded in strong technical and economic arguments which served as triggers for the definition of guidelines for industry policy-making in the long term.