We provide a strategic perspective based on a holistic view of the sector which allows us to integrate health into the real economy.

The Argentinean healthcare system is undergoing a structural reform aimed at broadening health coverage, improving the integration of different types of providers and funders, and increasing the service efficiency of primary healthcare at a national level.

Against this new scenario, there is a growing need in the industry to establish strategies geared towards optimizing the service model, lowering costs, broadening coverage and implementing innovative business models which can be integrated into Industry 4.0, thereby improving patient experience.

In this context, we help our clients to design strategies tailored to the new requirements in terms of service efficiency and to the development and implementation of patient-centered management models.


We helped one of Argentina’s main prepaid healthcare providers to address a challenging context of increasing coverage costs, growing litigation rates and technological acceleration. We worked together on the design and implementation of a positioning strategy for the national public agenda.

We worked together with one of the main associations in the healthcare sector to design a strategic plan which resulted in a roadmap to channel preventive actions in public and private environments, addressing the threats of the sector by applying a holistic and integrated approach. The plan included a set of tactical policies which take into account the execution of preventive and awareness actions in public and private environments with a precise diagnostic of the industry and the measures necessary to find a solution to the crisis.