We help our clients in this industry to hone in on their production strategy, transform their organizational structure and improve the efficiency of their value chain.

The mining industry in Argentina is still to take off as a sector, beyond the investments which are currently at work in the country. In the case of metal mining, with ten projects prospected throughout the country, there is no social and environmental permission to go ahead, owing to regulatory frameworks which make growth difficult. Lithium production, which is currently the star of the sector, must see to the sustainability of the boom of the sector over time. Finally, it should be noted that non-metal lime production has been impacted by the macroeconomic cycles of the local market, which represents a short-term challenge.

Our experience encompasses the entire business model, from demand analysis and provider development policies to risk mitigation strategies in the face of changing regulatory frameworks and placing a communication strategy on the public agenda.



We worked with a Canada-based mining company which operates in the Americas on a socio-economic impact and environmental feasibility study in the central plateau of Chubut Province. This included:

1. A socio-economic impact study, looking into every dimension of the development of the Navidad project in the province of Chubut, and the design of a methodological model for multidimensional calculations.

2. Drawing up a baseline for the environmental impact study.

3. A document for managing public hearings on project deployment.

4. An environmental feasibility study of the Navidad mining project, in collaboration with an international consulting firm.