We have been supporting major companies in the sector for over 20 years, offering integrated macroeconomic and strategic consulting for planning and decision making.

Constructors and developers face a challenging context, with a new financing scenario for public and private works, new hiring methods by the State, pressures on costs and the rise of new construction technologies.

Alongside this, the infrastructure and housing deficits, combined with the need to build new production and logistics centers, generate opportunities for those who can be competitive in this new setting.

In this context, we provide clients with integrated consulting services for planning and decision making in an ever-changing environment which favors the entry of new international players, forcing businesses in the sector to rethink their entire business models.

ABECEB provides the following services to companies within the industry:

Macro and industry-specific consultancy and information.

Business plans and feasibility studies.

Intermediate funding management.

Consultancy on public-private projects.

Private initiatives.



We advised an association from the construction sector on the new public works system
identifying the impact of the new public works financing methods on businesses in the sector, and assessing the risk of entry by international competitors and of the conditions—both internal and external to the companies—which result in a competitive disadvantage compared to foreign businesses.

During its growth stage, we worked alongside a company which produces bricks with European technology, and focused on the execution of alternative forms of financing the new investments which were required to achieve its strategic goals. We provided information and support to aid decision-making in the context of a growth plan for the company, which included the development of its national network and its entry into bordering countries.